Free childcare places for toddlers

Published Thursday, 23rd October 2014
Child in child care
Little girl with carer

Parents of toddlers in Rotherham are being urged to check out whether they're eligible for free childcare.

From 1 September 2014 over 1,500 two-year-olds in Rotherham became eligible for up to 15 hours of free childcare a week at a playgroup, day nursery, children’s centre or with a childminder as part of a national initiative.

Parents, who earn no more than £16,190 a year and receive Working Tax Credits, Child Tax Credit, Income Support and some other benefits, could be eligible for a free childcare place. Two-year-olds who are looked after by the Council automatically qualify for a place.

Children in receipt of Disability Living Allowance, those who have been adopted or with a residency/special guardianship order will also qualify for a place.

The Council’s Director of Schools and Lifelong Learning Dorothy Smith said: "Being in a childcare setting offers children a stimulating environment through which they can experience new activities and learn through play.

"Children are given the opportunity to make new friends as well as it being a good base for preparing children for starting nursery.

"Over 800 children took up a free place last term so don't miss out on your place!"

The free places are available to children who are two years of age and whose parents fulfil the criteria. The places can be taken up the term after the child’s second birthday.

Parents can find out if their child is eligible on our website:

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