Adult social care experiences

Adult social care experiences

Adult Care provides and commissions a range of services across the borough to keep people safe, support them to maintain their independence and help them to be part of their local communities. The videos below show the variety of services available and the positive experiences that Rotherham residents have as a result of working with Adult Care.

Ann spent 9 weeks at Davies Court to rehabilitate after a stay in hospital. During her time there she received various treatments including physiotherapy to aid in her recovery and to develop her independence again before returning home.  Ann said that she didn’t know places such as Davies Court existed in Rotherham and that it was such a positive experience.

Anna and Karen live in supported accommodation in Rotherham. Here they are valued members of their local community where they attend local groups and have paid employment. Anna and Karen have lived in their house for many years and have rich and full lives with the support of their carers as and when it is needed.

Lizzie is staying at a respite centre while she awaits a place in supported accommodation. The opportunity to have some respite has given her the support and space she needs to prepare for her new accommodation while she maintains some independence and still enjoys doing the things she loves.

Katie and Amy both live in Supported Accommodation where staff support them to ensure that they live happy and safe lives within their local environment with the people who are important to them. Supported Accommodation allows Katie and Amy to be secure and supported while still having independence.

Daniel has had social work support and accesses support services in Rotherham. He recently competed in the Special Olympics in Berlin for Great Britain in Tenpin Bowling where he won 3 medals.  To be able to travel and compete Daniel and his mum Shirley were supported to secure funding by staff in Adult Care and they said this was a big help in making this experience possible.

Gracie was matched with Nikki, her Shared Lives carer over a year ago. Over the past year, Gracie has made many happy memories with Nikki, including taking a sign language course, and her confidence has massively increased. Gracie now volunteers with her local foodbank where she enjoys giving back to the community.

With the support from the Supported Employment team, Graham managed to secure a job as a Steward. Graham’s supported employment officer, worked with him to create a CV and to prepare for a job interview and he was delighted when he was successful. Graham’s confidence has increased so much that he is now considering learning how to drive.