Adult Social Care Infection Control and Testing Fund

Rapid Test Fund Round 3 - July 2021 - Care Homes

Provider Name Location Name £
Voyage 1 Limited 1-2 Canterbury Close £1,616.87
Ackroyd House Limited Ackroyd House £8,407.71
Logini Care Solutions Ltd Alexandra Nursing & Residential Home £7,599.28
Mauricare Limited Ashton Court Residential Home £3,880.48
Athorpe Health Care Limited Athorpe Lodge £15,198.56
Beech Cliffe Limited Beech Cliffe £1,293.49
Beech Cliffe Limited Beech Cliffe Grange £1,778.55
Morley Care Services Limited Beech Haven £323.37
Hill Care 3 Limited Broadacres Care Home £8,084.34
Longwood Lodge Care Limited Broom Lane Care Home £9,701.21
John Tipple Broomhaven Residential Care £485.06
Byron Lodge (West Melton) Limited Byron Lodge Care Home £9,862.89
Susash Sheffield Ltd Cambron House £6,144.10
Indigo Care Services Limited Cherry Trees £10,671.33
Parkcare Homes (No.2) Limited Church View £4,042.17
Ariya Neuro Care (Residential) Limited Clifton Court £1,131.81
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council Conway £1,293.49
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council Davies Court £9,701.21
Relativeto Limited Dene Brook £2,263.6
Knightingale Care Limited Eastwood House Care Home £5,982.41
Mr Stephen John Oldale Emyvale House £2,586.99
Fairwinds Health Care Limited Fairwinds £3,880.48
Voyage 1 Limited Fenney Lodge £1,293.49
Parkcare Homes (No.2) Limited Fitzwilliam Lodge £2,586.99
Greenside Health Care Limited Greenside Court £3,557.11
Principle Support Ltd Hartleys Care £808.43
Moorcroft Care Homes Ltd Haven House £485.06
Heathcotes Care Limited Heathcotes (Knollbeck) £1,293.49
Heathcotes Care Limited Heathcotes (Rotherham) £970.12
AmBience Healthcare Ltd Holly Nook £970.12
Jubilee Care Home Limited Jubilee Care Home £9,539.52
Lifeways Community Care Limited Kingdom House £1,293.49
Voyage 1 Limited Ladycroft Respite Service £970.12
Your Care Provider Ltd Ladyfield House £8,084.34
Runwood Homes Limited Laureate Court £13,581.69
Tamcare Limited Layden Court Care Home £14,875.19
Sapphire Care Services Limited Levitt Mill £1,778.55
Lonnen Health Care Limited Lonnen Grove £1,293.49
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council Lord Hardy Court £9,701.21
PLH Moorgate Holdco Limited Moorgate Croft £5,012.29
PLH Moorgate Holdco Limited Moorgate Hollow £3,880.48
PLH Moorgate Holdco Limited Moorgate Lodge £9,054.46
Minster Care Management Limited Mulberry Manor £7,922.65
Orchid House Residential Care Home Orchid House £646.75
Voyage 1 Limited Pennington Court £1,293.49
Sapphire Care Services Limited Progress House £808.43
East And West Healthcare Limited Roche Abbey Care Home £10,833.02
Cristal Care Limited Rother Valley View £970.12
Independence For Life Limited Rotherview £1,455.18
Heltcorp Limited Rotherwood Care Home £4,688.92
Methodist Homes Sandygate Residential Care Home £8,731.09
HC-One Limited Silverwood (Rotherham) £10,347.96
Emerald Care Services Limited St Pauls £323.37
Emerald Care Services Limited Station House £1,616.87
Voyage 1 Limited Strafford House £970.12
Voyage 1 Limited Strafford View £1,131.81
Voyage 1 Limited Sunnyside Respite Service £2,425.30
HC-One Limited Swallownest Nursing Home £10,509.64
Hermes Care Ltd Swinton Grange £4,365.54
AmBience Healthcare Ltd Sycamore House £808.43
Voyage 1 Limited Ten Acre Respite Service £808.43
The Abbeys (Rawmarsh) Limited The Abbeys £12,934.94
Methodist Homes The Beeches £7,114.22
House Of Light Trust Limited The Cornerstone £1,293.49
The Glades Health Care Limited The Glades £1,940.24
The Lodge Health Care Limited The Lodge £970.12
Parkcare Homes (No.2) Limited The Mews £1,293.49
Treeton Grange Limited Treeton Grange Nursing Home £8,084.34
Horizon Care (Waterside Grange) Limited Waterside Grange £13,420.00
Mr Paul and Mrs Gloria Crabtree Wentworth Hall Residential Home £3,718.80
Stephen Oldale and Susan Leigh West Melton Lodge £5,173.98
Parkcare Homes (No.2) Limited Westfield House £3,557.11
Whiston Hall Limited Whiston Hall £7,760.97
Steps Residential Care Limited Wilton House £4,203.86
Conniston Care Limited Woodlands Care Home £7,114.22