Apply for a Community Alarm

How community alarms work

When you apply for a community alarm, we will ask you about your health needs and take contact details of any relatives, friends or neighbours you want us to contact for you in an emergency.

We will provide you with the latest telecare alarm available, which you can wear either around your neck or on your wrist.

Within seconds of pressing the button you will be connected to an operator at our contact centre. They have all of your details and will be able to get help to you quickly.

In most cases, we would alert a neighbour, relative or friend. If your problem is serious; for example if you have had a fall, we will get the emergency services or our mobile response team to help you straight away.

The alarm has a powerful microphone and a loud speaker which enables a member of staff to talk to you and act accordingly. Help will be sent to you straight away if you are not able to speak to us.