Apply For Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

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You can only claim housing benefit:

  • If both you and your partner are the qualifying age to claim Pension Credit.
  • If you live in supported accommodation (also known as specified accommodation).
  • If you live in Temporary Accommodation, that is being provided to you by the Council if you are homeless.

Apply for Universal Credit

Apply for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

You must now claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support online. It's quick, easy and convenient to do.

First you need to register for Your Account, which helps you manage some Council services online. If you are already registered, simply sign in.

The claim form can be found within the Your Services area, under the Benefits service.

If you also want to claim Free School Meals, this will be automatically processed if you are awarded Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support and you get any of the qualifying benefits.

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