A guide to backdating

Backdating your benefit claim

If you apply for Council Tax Support or Housing Benefit, your claim will usually start from the Monday after you submit your claim. In some circumstances and at our discretion, we can backdate your claim to start earlier.

There are different rules for backdating claims depending on your age.

Pensionable age people

If you or your partner are pensionable age, your claim will automatically be backdated for a maximum of three months depending on your circumstances. You don't need to make a request for this to be done.

Working age people

If you or your partner are of working age and in supported accommodation, you can apply to backdate your Housing Benefit claim for a maximum period of one month.

For Council Tax Support, the maximum period we can backdate is six months.

You'll need to give a good reason why you weren't able to claim before.

Good reasons for backdating your claim

To ask for your benefit backdating, you need to give a good reason why your claim's late. 'Thinking that you may not be entitled' or 'not knowing that you could claim' aren’t good reasons to backdate your claim.

Acceptable reasons why your claim is late include:

  • Being too ill
  • Bereavement
  • Problems with postal services
  • Not being given the right information by an official body or service, such as an advice centre
  • Having to rely on others to deal with your affairs because you are near pensionable age, disabled or in poor health

How to apply

You can apply for backdated Council Tax Support or Housing Benefit by emailing benefits@rotherham.gov.uk detailing the period you want your claim backdating backdating and the reasons why you could not apply earlier.

What happens next

Once we’ve considered your evidence, we’ll let you know if your claim for backdated benefit was successful.

Any backdated Council Tax Support will be shown on your Council Tax bill. Any backdated Housing Benefit will be paid the same way as your Housing Benefit.