Social Value

Rotherham Council Approach

In March 2024, Rotherham Council’s Cabinet approved an update of the Council’s Social Value Policy. The Council’s policy goes a step beyond the legislative requirement with the inclusion of Social Value criteria in all contracts (including Goods and Works contracts, not just those aligned to Services) with a value greater than £100,000.  The Social Value Policy sets out 6 key outcomes:

  • Raising living standards for residents
  • A strong local economy with employment and skills opportunities and a growing business base
  • Young people have the opportunity to develop skills and find worthwhile employment
  • Equality of opportunity for disadvantaged people and communities including disabled people
  • Strengthened and sustainable community and voluntary sector
  • Greater environmental sustainability including accessible green public spaces.

The Social Value Framework contained within the Policy sets out the specific key measures / actions the Council are seeking suppliers to deliver through the contracts it awards, which are derived from the National Themes Outcomes and Measures (TOMs).Detailed descriptions, guidance and evidence requirements for each of the Rotherham’s TOMs are included at the following link.