Superfast South Yorkshire

Superfast South Yorkshire (SFSY) is a partnership of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield Local Authorities. It was established to help deliver faster broadband to areas where it had not been commercially viable to invest and raise awareness of the availability of superfast broadband.

The first phase of our roll-out was delivered in partnership with Openreach and completed in September 2019. It saw almost £27m funding invested to reach an additional 95,000 premises with superfast broadband.

The second phase is currently in delivery and has brought gigabit capable broadband on the Openreach network to an additional 5,000 premises so far.

Superfast South Yorkshire is supporting the roll out of Project Gigabit in South Yorkshire, we will work with Building Digital UK (BDUK), part of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), local authorities and the broadband market to ensure that everyone will have the same access to gigabit-capable broadband.

SFSY’s current activity involves.

  • Working with Openreach on our contract to deploy gigabit capable broadband in South Yorkshire
  • Promoting the availability of superfast and gigabit capable broadband
  • Helping communities and broadband suppliers make use government broadband voucher schemes
  • Act as consultees on digital connectivity with Local Authority planning departments
  • Preparing for Project Gigabit
  • Answering broadband related queries from South Yorkshire residents, businesses and elected officials

To find out more about the project and to find out whether your property can access superfast broadband, or if it’s not currently available when it’s due to be upgraded visit Superfast South Yorkshire.

You can get in touch with Superfast South Yorkshire by emailing

Download speeds across different broadband speeds.

Type of download 4 minute song
Size/Speed 4MB
5Mbps ADSL 6 sec
50Mbps FTTC Instant
100Mbps FTTP or Virgin Instant
300Mbps FTTP or VIrgin Instant
1000Mbps FTTP (gigabit) Instant
Type of download 45 minute HD TV show
Size/Speed 600MB
5Mbps ADSL 17 min
50Mbps FTTC 2 min
100Mbps FTTP or Virgin 1 min
300Mbps FTTP or VIrgin 16 sec
1000Mbps FTTP (gigabit) 5 sec
Type of download 1.5 hour HD movie
Size/Speed 4.5GB
5Mbps ADSL 2 hours 10 min
50Mbps FTTC 13 min
100Mbps FTTP or Virgin 6 min 30 sec
300Mbps FTTP or VIrgin 2 min 8 sec
1000Mbps FTTP (gigabit) 38 sec
Type of download 1.5 hour ultra HD movie
Size/Speed 15GB
5Mbps ADSL 7 hours 9 min
50Mbps FTTC 43 min
100Mbps FTTP or Virgin 21 min 30 sec
300Mbps FTTP or VIrgin 7 min
1000Mbps FTTP (gigabit) 2 min 8 sec
Type of download Xbox/PS5 game
Size/Speed 50GB
5Mbps ADSL 23 hours 51 min
50Mbps FTTC 2 hours 23 min
100Mbps FTTP or Virgin 1 hour 11 min
300Mbps FTTP or VIrgin 23 min 51 sec
1000Mbps FTTP (gigabit) 7 min 9 sec