Rotherham Shop and Pubwatch Radio Link Scheme

The Rotherham Shop and Pubwatch Radio Link Scheme is a great communication tool within Rotherham Town Centre and helps keeps all users connected.

It provides communications between:

  • shops
  • pubs
  • nightclubs
  • travel providers
  • Rotherham Council
  • South Yorkshire Police CCTV

The Rotherham Shop and Pubwatch Radio Link Scheme has been successful for many years. The Scheme is a partnership run scheme by Rotherham Council and South Yorkshire Police.

How to use the radio link scheme

South Yorkshire Police CCTV provides monitoring support. You must report emergencies and crime incidents by telephone on 999 or 101.


  • Sign on when turning your radio on
  • Sign off when turning your radio off
  • Allow other users to finish passing their message
  • Pass any crime, crime prevention, things of concerns and issues to other users or Police CCTV
  • Be kind and supportive to all users
  • Take care of your radio link equipment


  • Do not report 999 / 101 incidents over the radio (call or report online)
  • Do not have personal conversations over the radio
  • Do not allow any members of the public to use your radio equipment
  • Do not use any bad language over the radio
  • Do not leave your radio unattended where public have access
  • Do not record any communications that are passed over the radio
  • Do not call the Police CCTV room by their direct number

How to join the radio link scheme

If you would like to join the Rotherham radio link scheme. Or if you have any questions about the scheme, please contact us.