Greasbrough ward

Ward plan

Providing vibrant, connected and safe neighbourhoods is a priority for Rotherham Council and communities are at the heart of everything we do.  Greasbrough Ward Councillors were elected to listen to your views and work with you to make a difference in the local community.

We know many of our residents are passionate about making their community a better place to live and we are here to work in partnership and make these improvements a reality.  Councillors used a range of information – listening to local residents and council staff, looking at statistics and other data – to develop these ward priorities:

Greasbrough Ward priorities

Priority 1: Work with partners to develop a ‘Green Corridor’ linking Greasbrough Park and Greasbrough Recreation Ground

  • Work with partners to develop a Rotherham Council Towns and Villages Fund project
  • Work with partners on a potential bid for Community Facilities Funding to convert the electricity sub-station into a useable community asset
  • Work with partners on historical Information boards for Greasbrough

Priority 2: Support activity which will help to create sustainable council tenancies and increase an understanding of and respond to the needs of leaseholders

  • Work with the Council's Key Choices and Estate Management Teams to explore what could be done to help create sustainable council tenancies
  • Work with the Council's Leaseholder Team to explore what could be done to better understand and respond to the needs of leaseholders
  • Support action linked to the cost of living

Priority 3: Support activities for both young people and older members of the community 

  • Work with partners to promote use of the new multi-use games area (MUGA) on Greasbrough Rec
  • Work with partners to ensure provision for young people across the Ward

Priority 4: Support initiatives which make use of our assets

  • Work with partners to provide a Christmas event in Greasbrough Park
  • Work with Willow Tree Academy to promote use of their new build LEAF Centre
  • Arrange a Greasbrough Fete on the Rec, celebrating the first year of the MUGA as well as offering wider activities

Priority 5: Ensure targeted engagement, focussed in particular on local issues

  • Work with partners to reduce anti-social behaviour in/around known locations
  • Work with partners to address traffic issues on/around Church Street