Greasbrough ward

Ward plan

Providing vibrant, connected and safe neighbourhoods is a priority for Rotherham Council and communities are at the heart of everything we do.  Greasbrough Ward Councillors were elected to listen to your views and work with you to make a difference in the local community.

We know many of our residents are passionate about making their community a better place to live and we are here to work in partnership and make these improvements a reality.  Councillors used a range of information – listening to local residents and council staff, looking at statistics and other data – to develop these ward priorities:

Greasbrough Ward priorities

Priority 1: Continue to develop Greasbrough’s green spaces

  • Complete the Towns / Villages project on Brimmagem Fold including the installation of a metal engraved panel and audio post
  • Explore the possibility of extending the Greasbrough Park Pavilion
  • Complete the Ward Housing Hub project which will improve a piece of Housing land on Elm Grove including planting, seating and play equipment for younger children 


Priority 2: Support activity around the Cost of Living

  • Link up with RotherFed projects and promote other related work
  • Explore the possibility of using the Library as an emergency food bank which would also provide items for babies  


Priority 3: Support activity bringing people/communities together

  • Support community activity including those project funded through the Dragons Den event
  • Support the development of new / existing groups


Priority 4: Support activity promoting healthy lifestyles

  • Support community activity including any on the Greasbrough Rec MUGA and any arranged by local community groups


Priority 5: Continue to deal with the ‘here & now’, by receiving / responding to reports covering crime/anti-social behaviour, traffic and housing

  • Use the Community Action Partnership (CAP) element of the regular Ward Briefings to receive and respond to reports of crime/anti-social behaviour
  • Use the Ward Briefings to receive reports in respect of estate and traffic management