The Channel Programme

Safeguarding vulnerable people from being drawn into terrorism

Channel is a confidential, voluntary, multi-agency programme to safeguard people identified as vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism.

Channel provides early intervention to protect vulnerable children and adults who might be susceptible to being radicalised which, if left unsupported, could lead to involvement in terrorist-related activity. Channel is run in every local authority in England and Wales. 

Anyone can make a referral via usual safeguarding pathways or by contacting the police. It is not a criminal sanction and a referral will not affect a person’s criminal record.

The Rotherham Channel panel is made up of representatives from different safeguarding areas including children’s and adults social care, early help and family support, health, mental health, housing and the police.  The Panel is chaired by the Head of Service, Community Safety.

All referrals are carefully assessed.  The panel will offer the individual support, tailored to their needs.  Support could include services such as social care, early help and family support, assistance with education or employment, health or mental health support, housing support and mentoring to provide vulnerable individuals with the skills to protect themselves from being radicalised or drawn into terrorism.

Examples of real stories of individuals who have received Channel support.

Who to contact

If you're worried about someone being drawn into terrorism, contact the South Yorkshire Police Prevent Team by calling 101 or call the Anti-Terrorist Hotline (can be anonymous) on 0800 789 321. 

You can also contact the council’s children’s safeguarding or adults safeguarding services.

In an emergency where your own or others safety is at risk, call 999.

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