Have your say on the renewal of Public Spaces Protection Orders

The proposals

Rotherham Council is seeking to continue two Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO)

The first, in the Town Centre and Clifton Park, is due to expire in October 2020 and the new order aims to renew the regulations set out in October 2017.

A second PSPO that is due to expire covers the whole of the Rotherham Borough area and makes failing to pick up after your dog an offence. We continue to receive a number of complaints and believe that this order is still required.

Rotherham Council is carrying out a public consultation to determine the views of the general public and other interested bodies on whether the measures contained in the PSPOs are still supported and should continue.

Our feedback and research shows that anti-social behaviour has continued to decline whilst the PSPO has been in effect in the town centre. Despite this decline, the majority of anti-social behaviour committed in the area relates directly to the conditions proposed and we believe that it continues to be a necessary part of ensuring that Rotherham is a welcoming and safe place to visit.

The current PSPOs last until October this year, and any new order requires further public consultation.