Have your say on the Upper Millgate and Corporation Street public space scheme

The Upper Millgate and Corporation Street public space scheme forms a key gateway between the Forge Island leisure development and the town centre. The aim is to create a more pedestrian friendly area, incorporating green spaces and seating, as well as enhancing the crossing points to Riverside Gardens and the cinema, hotel and restaurants on Forge Island.

The proposal

  • Widening and improvement of footways and public realm along Corporation Street, and reduction of crossing distances, to provide better access for pedestrians.
  • Keeping the current restrictions to traffic (except buses) travelling up towards Ship Hill, although bicycles will now be permitted to travel up Corporation Street. All traffic will still be allowed to travel down Corporation Street.
  • Replacing the existing signals at Upper Millgate (the gateway to Riverside Gardens and Forge Island) with an informal, raised crossing point with a reduced crossing length, to better cater for pedestrians.
  • The permanent removal of the traffic lights at the junction with High Street and Ship Hill following a trial period through 2023. The junction layout will be changed to provide better visibility for drivers pulling out of the junction on Ship Hill, with improved public realm and reduced crossing distances.

Corporation street plan with improvements


  • Widening of the footpath on the west side of Corporation Street (near Forge Island)
  • Replacement of the exiting signalised crossing point on Corporation Street
  • Designated tactile crossing points on Corporation Street


Removal of the signals at upper Millgate

Corporation Street does not carry heavy levels of traffic, and the light controlled crossing was not and cannot be located where it is most convenient for pedestrians to cross. The signals also effectively prioritised traffic. The proposed arrangement, including traffic calming, the raised crossing point, and narrower carriageway, will enable pedestrians to cross more freely, and more quickly than allowed for by correct use of the crossing.

Removal of the signals at Ship Hill

The junction does not carry significant levels of traffic, and signals generate levels of delay for all road users, including bus passengers, pedestrians and cyclists.

During the 2023 trial, significant improvements to bus journey times and reliability were observed – securing these improvements permanently will help protect bus services in Rotherham and promote bus travel across the borough.

The new layout will allow pedestrians to cross more freely, allow more space to be allocated to pedestrians with a higher quality environment, and will also allow cyclists to be exempted from the various turning prohibitions that currently exist.  The junction will be changed from its current layout, to aid driver’s visibility when navigating the junction.

Corporation street with improvements

Corporation street with improvements

This consultation closed on 22/12/23.