Grange Landfill

Reporting issues

Now operations have begun on the site, any issues can be reported. Operations within the site are regulated by the Environment Agency. If anyone witnesses any incident on the site, or experiences any problems caused by operations on the site, they should ring the Environment Agency’s Incident Hotline on 0800 807060.

Any issues caused by operations outside of the site boundary, for example the movement of traffic, should be reported to the Council via our website or to 01709 336003.

A number of residents have raised issues relating to the presence of badgers, and other protected wildlife on the site. A Wildlife Crime is any action which contravenes legislation governing the protection of wild animals and plants. In the UK this includes:

  • Killing, injuring or taking wild birds
  • Persecuting or harming any species of Bird of Prey - through poisoning, trapping, shooting, or the disturbance of any nest and/or theft of any chicks
  • Taking, possessing, destroying or trading in wild birds eggs Damaging or disturbing the occupied nest of any wild bird Illegal trapping or snaring of wild animals
  • Badger persecution - including baiting, snaring, shooting and disturbance of setts
  • Killing, injuring, taking or disturbing any species of wild bat or damaging or destroying a roost whether occupied or not.

If you witness a wildlife crime, or suspect one has been committed, please report it to the Police, via 101, or online