Housing Service Performance

January 2022

Rent Collection

This Month we have collected 98.87% of Rent owed (excluding arrears brought forward). This is just below the 99.88% target.

Repairs Satisfaction

96.19% of Tenants were happy with the repair works. This is well exceeding our target of 81%.


Currently there are 95 Households in Temporary Accommodation.

Re-Let Times

We let empty houses in an average of 60.36 days. This is outside the Target of 21 days.

Time Taken to Complete Repairs

100% Responsive Repairs were completed within timescale.

Gas Safety

99.99% of our properties are gas safety compliant. This is slightly below our target of 100%.

Right First Time

93.83% of our Tenants were satisfied the work was completed right first time. This is above the Target of 87%.


We have answered 92% complaints on time. We achieved above our target of 85%.

Complaints dealt with

  • 49 at Stage 1
  • 3 at Stage 2