Request a Refund of your overpaid Council Tax

Refunds take approximately 5 working days from the date your request is actioned to the date the overpayment reaches your bank account. All refund requests will be actioned within 28 working days of receipt. We will confirm via email or SMS when your request has been dealt with.

Please note that if you have another council tax account that is in arrears, all or part of your overpayment may be transferred to that account to reduce or clear the debt. Should this be the case, the Council Tax office will confirm this to you.

Important Information: If your council tax account is in joint names and you are requesting the refund into a sole bank account, we require ALL liable parties to consent to this. The consent form must be completed before any refund may be made into a sole bank account.

Please complete this form to request a refund of your Council Tax overpayment

Please complete this form to approve a Council Tax overpayment refund to a sole account