Social Value

Rotherham Council Approach

In October 2019, Rotherham Council’s Cabinet approved the implementation of the Council’s Social Value Policy. The Council’s policy goes a step beyond the legislative requirement with the inclusion of Social Value criteria in all contracts (including Goods and Works contracts, not just those aligned to Services) with a value greater than £100,000.  The Social Value Policy sets out 6 key outcomes:

  • Raising living standards for residents
  • A strong local economy with employment and skills opportunities and a growing business base
  • Young people have the opportunity to develop skills and find worthwhile employment
  • Equality of opportunity for disadvantaged people and communities including disabled people
  • Strengthened and sustainable community and voluntary sector
  • Greater environmental sustainability including accessible green public spaces.

The Social Value Framework contained within the Policy sets out the specific key measures / actions the Council are seeking suppliers to deliver through the contracts it awards, which are derived from the National Themes Outcomes and Measures (TOMs).