The Leader and the Cabinet

The Cabinet is comprised of the Leader and seven other councillors, who are all members of the biggest political group on the Council. It has overall responsibility for services that the Council provides and works within the overall policies and budget agreed by the Council.

The Leader (Councillor Chris Read)

The Leader has responsibility for overall leadership of the Council and representing the borough at a national, regional and sub-regional level. The Leader will take personal responsibility for leading the drive towards corporate improvement, organisational and cultural change, and is responsible for the Council's governance and ethical framework.

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The Cabinet

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Working (Cllr Sarah Allen)

The Deputy Leader will support the Leader in day to day activity and holds other specific responsibilities.

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Cabinet Member for Children and Young People (Cllr Victoria Cusworth)

The portfolio holder will have specific responsibilities around child safeguarding, child protection and incorporates education and the early help strategy.

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Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health (Cllr David Roche)

This portfolio retains the oversight and all commissioning activities and provision of adult social care, public health functions and the interface with NHS. The main thrust is to provide services in a personalised manner around the citizen, including the “My Front Door” programme, and to lead on the integration of local health and adult social care services. The portfolio has responsibility for the delivery of modern Adult Social Care services, as well as Public Health functions.

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Cabinet Member for Jobs and the Local Economy (Cllr Denise Lelliott)

This portfolio has overall responsibility for securing jobs and investment in economic recovery as well as strategic responsibility for planning.

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Cabinet Member for Social Inclusion and Environment (Cllr David Sheppard)

This portfolio oversees all aspects of services and programmes which support social inclusion and inclusive communities (including cultural services, parks, green spaces, culture and leisure services), helping to ensure that the Council meets its vision statement commitment that “no one is left behind”.

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Cabinet Member for Housing (Cllr Amy Brookes) - Cllr Allen covering maternity leave 

This portfolio is responsible for the council's housing stock and Rotherham Housing Strategy, increasing access to affordable housing and regulation of private sector landlords.

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Cabinet Member for Corporate Services, Community Safety and Finance (Cllr Saghir Alam)

This portfolio is concerned with ensuring that residents and employees are treated fairly and with dignity. As such it has an overview the proper and efficient working of the council and its processes, and with key elements of the Community Safety agenda. The postholder is expected to lead on the ambition to secure “Excellent” accreditation under the Equality Framework for Local Government.

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