The Mayor of Rotherham

The Mayour of Rotherham in ceremonial dress

The Mayor of Rotherham for 2022-23 is Cllr Tajamal Khan

In Rotherham, if you work hard, you can achieve anything. That is the mantra of our Mayor, Councillor Tajamal Khan - and one which he has stuck by all his life.

Councillor Khan is one of Rotherham's own. Arriving in the borough with his family as a young child, he's been educated here, worked here, built his business here, worshipped here, married here and brought up his family here.

"The first time I even ever left Rotherham was to go to university in Sheffield and I've spent virtually all my life here. Rotherham has given a lot to me - and I like to think I've given a lot to it. I can't describe how big an honour it is to serve as your Mayor, he said.

Tajamal's upbringing taught him about the importance of family and hard work. He also learned how difficult it can be, at times, for people from an ethnic minority. His understanding of the extra challenges minorities of all types can face has made him an advocate for equality - and something he is keen to promote during his term as Mayor.

After attending Clifton School and Wath Sixth Form, Tajamal went on to study Business IT at Sheffield Hallam University. After jobs at Rotherham Tech, Rotherham Magistrates Court and Yorkshire Bank, Tajamal began driving for a living - first as a taxi driver and for the last 20 years running his own Driving School business.

His work has given him a love of meeting new people, listening to them and finding out about the challenges they face. Encouraged by this to find a way he could make a difference for the people he spoke to, Tajamal discovered local politics, culminating in him being elected as a Councillor in May 2015.

He said; "When you hear every day about the difficulties some people face, you want to do something about it. I was drawn to local politics and to representing the views of many people who feel they don't have a voice - something I am extremely proud to do in my role as Councillor for Rotherham East.

A long-term advocate for his community, Tajamal has also been an active fundraiser for many years for both local and international charities. He is looking forward to continuing this work as Mayor, having selected Rotherham Hospital & Community Charity, Rotherham United Community Sports Trust, Shiloh and Rotherham Cancer Care Centre as his chosen charities.

He said: "I'm really keen to support the local charity, community and voluntary sector during my term in office. I've seen at first hand the tireless hard work that people put in to support others through local groups and I really want to shine a spotlight on these often-unsung heroes of our local communities.

Tajamal is married to Shagufta and has five children. Just as he was taught by his own family, he teaches them a lot about the importance of hard work.

"I'm a firm believer that if you work hard, whether that's at your job, your business, your school, your sport or whatever it is you are doing, Rotherham is the type of place where you will be rewarded and appreciated. I hope that what I have achieved through hard work, can inspire my own children and the communities I am proud to represent to do the same.

Looking forward to his term as Mayor, Tajamal added: "The pandemic has been incredibly hard on everyone and I see a key part of my role as bringing our residents back together, opening up our doors again to welcome people to civic events and getting out and about into all our communities to highlight the best of Rotherham. And in that regard, there's plenty to see.

Mayor of Rotherham Christmas Message

The Mayor of Rotherham’s Chosen Charities 2022-23

For his term of office, the Mayor of Rotherham has chosen to fundraise for the following charities that support local people in the borough:

Rotherham United Community Sports Trust

(Registered charity number: 1123692)

Rotherham United Community Sports Trust (RUCST) is the charitable arm of Rotherham United F.C.

Working across the borough, it delivers many topics and initiatives in the heart of the Rotherham Communities.

With passions including health and wellbeing, youth and inclusion, sport participation, education and employability, the Trust aims to use the influence of the club to partner with local organisations and connect the people to create a lasting impact for both current and future generations.

The Rotherham Hospital Community Charity

(Registered charity number: 1054407)

The Rotherham Hospital Community Charity raises money to help fund the added extras which really make a difference to thousands of patients of all ages every year in Rotherham. Donations enable the charity to improve patient care, provide specialist training, facilities and state-of-the-art equipment.

The charity raises money to improve patient care and experience at Rotherham Hospital and in the community. It also has three appeals – the Purple Butterfly Appeal, which supports end of life care, the children’s appeal Dr Ted and Rotherham NHS Superheroes appeal for NHS colleagues.

Shiloh Rotherham

(Registered charity number: 1163220)

Shiloh offers support to adults who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Their dedicated team of staff and volunteers work with partners to provide a non-residential day service three days a week.

From their Support Centre in Masbrough, they offer housing advice, education and training, creative activities and support for health and addictions.

They also offer practical support including a healthy breakfast and lunch, laundry services, hairdressing, clothing and bedding. Shiloh aims to support all their guests to live a fulfilling and independent life.

Rotherham Cancer Care Centre

(Registered charity number: 1150857)

Rotherham Cancer Care Centre has been supporting local people suffering from all types of cancer and their families and carers since 2004. This free service provides a support centre offering information, professional counselling and complementary therapies to help to improve quality of life.

The charity works with people on a one-to-one basis to assess their individual needs and provides a space where people can openly express themselves, whilst also helping people to regain their confidence and sense of control over their life.

Deputy Mayor of Rotherham

The Mayor will be supported in his role by the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Robert Taylor.