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Base2 Fitness
What is is?
Fitness and wellbeing facilities for young adults aged 14 years and over with autism and mild/moderate learning disabilities.
The Base2 staff holding a banner at the side of Herringthorpe Stadium athletics track
What happens there?
We offer a fitness program to suit every individuals needs using ABC fitness principles:
A = agility
B = balance
C = co-ordination

Our program is aimed to have a positive impact on individuals, assisting with health and fitness issues such as flexibility, cardiorespiratory, muscular endurance and body composition.

It’s fun fitness in a friendly environment!

Join in athletics training and learn skills in throwing, jumping , running, walking and wheelchair athletics.
Who is there?
The Base is run by Anthony Wilson and Michelle Harris with a current team of five staff and two sports trained volunteers.
Venue Address:
Herringthorpe Stadium,
Middle Lane,
S65 2HR

Transport information:
We are situated nearby the main bus route into Rotherham town centre.

We have our own vehicles to transport service users

We are fully accessible with ramp and wide doors for access, and have an 800m track with surrounding greenery to enable a variety of sports and fitness activities.

Changing facilities:
The building includes male and female changing facilities including shower rooms.
Contact Details
Opening hours
Monday to Thursday: 9 am to 4 pm