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Parity Care - Community Support
What is is?
Our flexible community support provision for people with a learning disability, autism and associated disorders.

We offer a personalised service, where we build the support around you, based on your individual requirements, goals and interests.
What happens there?
Choose your activities based on your interests and needs.

We can help with daily living tasks and appointments, as well as social and leisure activities.

Activities can take place in your local community and beyond, on any day of the week.
Who is there?
You will have one to one support from a member of our team.

All your preferences will be taken into account and we will match you with the staff members most suitable.

Staff members can be changed at any time to accommodate your personal preference.
All our activities are based within the local community and beyond

Office Address:
38 Thornbank House
Moorgate Road/Mountenoy Road
S60 2AG

Transport Information:
Staff use their own vehicles, and public transport can also be used.

Fully accessible as all activities are community based.

Changing facilities: Accessible as all activities are community based.
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Opening hours
Available 7 days a week to suit you.