Domestic Abuse Strategy

The Safer Rotherham Partnership continues to develop and strengthen, building on the commitments made within the Partnership Plan covering 2021 to 2027. Whilst it is collectively accepted that there are significant challenges ahead, it is encouraging to see progress being made against the aims of the partnership and in this case, the development of a further strategy to build on the previous version, which ran from 2017 to 2020.

This strategy will be supported by a joint action plan agreed and championed by each partner within the Domestic Abuse Priority Group. Domestic Abuse continues to be a priority for the Safer Rotherham Partnership. Building on our previous strategy, which focussed on raising awareness of the issues, encouraging people to access support and streamlining processes, this strategy will seek to build on the best practice established and further enhance the service offer.

This strategy seeks to harness the energy of the partnership and focus development towards common goals. Making best use of the limited resources available by working together will enable a rigorous and proactive approach to improving the quality of relationships across Rotherham and reducing harm caused by Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence.

Download the domestic abuse strategy