Buying a school uniform

Help with school uniform costs

The Council is providing financial support to families struggling with the cost of school uniforms this summer. The support will be given in the form of vouchers, via your child's school.

Who is eligible?

The scheme is targeted at pupils who are entitled to benefits-eligible Free School Meals and who are in key years of transition, ready for their next stage of education in September 2022. Eligible year groups are:

  • children moving from foundation to reception (FS2),
  • children moving from an Infant to a separate Junior school (year 2 to year 3),
  • children moving from primary to secondary school (year 6 to year 7).

How will the scheme be delivered?

Parents don't need to apply for this support. If your child is eligible, the school will contact you directly.

The Council is working with individual schools to establish the number of eligible children and transfer the required funding to each school.

Schools will then provide parents/carers with vouchers which can be used to buy essential school uniform items ahead of the pupils transition to the next stage of education in September.

Other sources of support

You may also be able to get help with a budgeting loan for clothes, footwear and other essential items from the Government.