Emergency Planning

Prepare your home for emergencies

It is important to prepare for emergency situations in order to minimise the effects to yourself.

5 steps to take now

  • make a list of important contact numbers
  • consider creating emergency procedures for your household
  • know how to turn off your gas, electricity and water supplies
  • tune into either BBC Radio Sheffield (88.6, 104.1 and 94.7FM), Hallam FM (97.4, 103.4 and 102.9FM) or Rother FM (96.1FM)
  • learn some basic First Aid

Emergency kit

An emergency kit can be tailored to your own needs, however you should have:

  • a torch with spare batteries
  • portable radio with spare batteries (or a wind-up radio)
  • First Aid kit
  • blankets
  • tinned food
  • bottled water

You should also make sure you have similar provisions in your car.


If necessary you may be asked to evacuate your home by the emergency services or a council representative, if this happens you should:

  • follow any instructions given by an official source
  • collect your emergency kit
  • secure your property
  • gather pets together
  • report to allocated Emergency Reception Centre or inform the police or local authority if you plan to stay elsewhere