Child development charts

We have developed a range of child development charts, showing the developmental milestones which children are likely to achieve from 12 months of age through to 5 years old.

The charts are designed to support Early Years Practitioners in the rooms as a quick reference guide to consider where children are developmentally. The charts have been developed using a range of guidance, and include both the prime and specific areas of learning for the relevant age ranges. 

Please note: the charts refer to ‘possible’ milestones rather than ‘expected’ milestones as attainment in the ‘Specific Areas’ of Learning is closely linked to experiences and resources, and these are likely to differ from family to family.

Prime Areas of Learning

The Prime Areas of Learning charts cover the following areas for 12 months to 5 years age ranges:

  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social, and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development.

They set out loosely ‘expected’ child developmental milestones and were created using NHS Health Visiting Guidance, Mary Sheridan’s Birth to Five Guidance, and also refer to Julian Grenier’s Checkpoints.

Download the Prime Areas of Learning charts.

Specific Areas of Learning

The Specific Areas of Learning charts cover the following areas for 2, 3, and 4 year old age ranges:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design.

They were created using the ‘What to Expect When’ document (2018 DfE Guidance for Parents), NHS Solent Guidance, and also refer to Julian Grenier’s 2021 Development Matters Guidance.

Download the Specific Areas of Learning charts.

Development Charts 

Development charts cover multiple age groups:

  • In the Prime Areas of Learning, these cover 6 months to 5 years
  • In the Specific Areas of Learning, these cover 2, 3 and 4+ years old.

Download the Development Charts for multiple age groups.