Grange Landfill (Droppingwell Tip)


The Council take the concerns raised by residents about Grange Landfill, also known as Droppingwell Tip very seriously. Whilst the Council has no regulatory powers in terms of the operation of the site, officers have been assessing all of the options that are open to the Council.

Tipping on the Grange Landfill site is believed to have begun operations in 1929, however formal planning permission was not required until 1958. The 1958 planning permission gave consent for the tipping of waste on the site in phases, with phase two not being allowed to start until a number of conditions had been met in the first phase. The site was also originally regulated through a Waste Management Licence and is now regulated through an Environmental Permit.

When landfilling operations ceased at the site following phase one, the planning permission and environmental permit allowing landfilling activity remained in place.

The Council is concerned about Grange landfill site reopening. In January 2017 councillors voted to ask the Environment Agency to revoke the permit to tip on the site. Subsequently the Council has made significant representations to the Environment Agency to seek reassurance that they have done, and will do, all they can to ensure they minimise the impact on local people or the wider environment should the site begin to accept waste again.

At present the Environment Agency have confirmed that “…due to the unprecedented consequences of the Covid 19 emergency, the proposed preparatory works have been placed on hold until the further notice.” The Council therefore understands that, at present, no operations are taking place on the site.