Shared Lives

Payments and expenses for Shared Lives carers

Payments for Long Term Care

For long term carers, rates are calculated using a banding tool which will be carried out by the Shared Lives Worker. These are:

  • Band 1 £372.37 per week
  • Band 2 £427.18 per week
  • Band 3 £481.99 per week
  • Band 4 £591.61 per week

The long term rates includes a household contribution of £50 plus housing benefit (typical amount £79.40)

Payments for Short Breaks

The short breaks placements from Rotherham Shared Lives Service will be payable as follows

£85 for an overnight stay (e.g. arriving at 4pm and leaving by 10am the next day) An additional £35 will be payable for the 24hr period (i.e. 4pm – 4pm)

Payments for Day Support

This will be based on the person requiring the support using the carer’s home as a base. This falls in line with HRMC ‘Qualifying Care Relief’ where tax concessions will apply using the carer’s home as the base from where support is provided.

As the ethos of shared lives should not be based on hourly rates the Rotherham Shared Lives day support will be based on sessional support not hourly rate

Payments for carers providing day support are:

  • £35 for a half-day session (up to 4 hours)
  • £52.50 for a 6 hour session
  • £70 for a full day session (up to 8 hours)

*(when supporting more than 1 person at the same time carers are paid £35/£52.50/£70 plus 50 percent for each additional person. Up to 3 people can be supported at the same time)


If transport is approved as part of a person’s assessed needs, carers who use their own vehicle can also receive a mileage allowance to and from the placement. Any transport costs incurred during the support will be the responsibility of the person receiving support.