Application Forms

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What Are They?

Applications forms are one of the most common ways of applying for jobs. It is important to get right, before sending it back to the employer.

You should always:

  • Be sure to read the instructions - some application forms ask you write completely in black ink or capital letters
  • Read any information you have been given about the job. The more you know about the vacancy the better your application will be
  • Photocopy the blank form before you start so you can practice. If you need help photocopying the form, your nearest Early Help Centre can help you.
  • Ask someone to check your practice form before you start on the real one

Completing the Form

  • Don't use abbreviations or text speak when completing the form
  • Complete all sections of the application form. If a section is not relevant to you, write N/A (not applicable) in the box
  • Read the information you have about the job and match your skills and abilities to those that the employer is looking for
  • Make sure you give your full address, postcode, contact number, and email address where applicable
  • Under education, list secondary schools, colleges or universities. You don't need to include your primary school
  • Under qualifications, list any exams you have taken and the grade it says on your certificate. If you are awaiting your exam results, put down your predicted grades, but make sure you mark them as predicted
  • Under employment, put down any jobs you have done, this can be paid, voluntary or work experience
  • On most forms there is a section called 'Skills and Experience' or 'Supporting Information'. This section is an important part of the form and gives you the opportunity to sell yourself

Online Application Forms

Many employers now ask that you fill out an application form online. If you need to do this, have your CV to hand.

Follow the instructions, and remember to follow the same rules as if you were completing a paper application form.

Before you click send, look for the option to download a copy of the form. You may be able to save the form to your computer and print it off in preparation for if you are offered an interview.

Do You Use Social Networking Sites?

If you do, then be careful. Some employers check social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to check out job applicants. Make sure that any wall posts, photos or status updates don't go against you.

If in doubt, make sure your Facebook or Twitter profiles are set to private, so only your friends can access and view them.

There may be a problem in an employer checks and what you have posted doesn't match up with the image you present on your CV, application form or at your interview.

Advice and Support

You can always talk to a Youth Support Worker.

Call: 01709 334905

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