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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Some young people have Needs or Disabilities that affect their ability to learn. For example:

  • Reading and writing difficulties
  • Understanding things
  • Behaviour
  • Concentrating/remaining focused
  • Communication issues
  • Physical needs or impairments
  • Getting on with others

Early Help has a Specialist SEN team who will work with you to help you get the support that you need while you are in school and make you aware of the full range of options available to prepare you for adulthood. This can include college, sixth form schools/college, apprenticeships and training. We can also help you consider other things that are important to you such as leisure options, living independently and being part of your community.

We will make sure that your thoughts, feelings and opinions about your current and future aspirations are heard.

There are many services that Early Help can offer to support you, and if appropriate, your family/carers. These can be viewed on the Rotherham SEND Offer Website

Advice and Support

You can always talk to a Youth Support Worker.

Call: 01709 334905

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