Definitive map and legalities

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Public rights of way law lets us map, amend, close and stop up rights of way in our area.

The law also allows for the public to claim rights of way. Landowners can protect their land from future development of ways.

Definitive map and statement

The definitive map and statement are a legal record of the position and status of public rights of way within an area.

Our definitive map of all the public rights of way in Rotherham is not available to view online. Please contact us if you want to view the map.

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Making changes to the definitive map

You can apply to register a route that is in public use but does not appear on the definitive map.

We can also update the definitive map if a route changes. This could be if a route becomes unfit for purpose or a more common route is claimed. Ways can also be diverted and removed ('stopped up') if required.

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Temporary changes to routes

We will not update the definitive map to show temporary closures or diversions.

Current temporary changes to ways are listed separately.

See current closures and diversions

Landowners and rights of way

Landowners can protect themselves against future claims on paths across their land.

You can make a written declaration to the Council. This states you recognise all existing public paths on your land but will not recognise any new public paths. This is a section 31(6) declaration.

The maps showing land under these declarations are public documents. You can view these at our offices.

Contact us about the landowner statement register

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