Report weeds or overgrown vegetation causing a danger on the road, pavement or footpath

We cannot respond to individual requests for weed spraying. Please only report weeds or overgrown vegetation causing danger on a road or pavement.

We are responsible for weed control on public land, which includes:

  • roads
  • pavements
  • kerbs
  • grids (gully)
  • footpaths
  • parks
  • cemeteries

We cannot treat weeds on private land. This is the responsibility of the landowner.

We carry out weed spraying out in the spring and summer months. Once we have sprayed an area, it takes roughly two to three weeks for weeds to die off. If weeds are brown in colour this means we have sprayed the weeds and they are dying off.

We spray weeds with a low toxicity herbicide (Glyphosate). This is safe to use without harming people or animals. It is normal for weeds to show through between treatments.

Report dangerous weeds or vegetation