Council garages

Garage renting could help reduce:

  • Your insurance premium
  • Car damage
  • On-street parking pollution
  • Parking congestion

Rental costs per week:

  • £5.62 for Council tenants
  • £6.74 for non-Council tenants (which includes £1.12 VAT)

Town centre garages cost per week:

  • £7.38 for Council tenants
  • £8.86 for non-Council tenants (which includes £1.48 VAT)

Apply for a garage

Contact us at:

Pay your garage rent

You can pay for a Council garage in the same way that you would pay housing rent to us.

See your payment options


If you have garage rent arrears, we will contact you and ask that you bring your payments up to date. If you do not clear the arrears, we will serve a notice to quit for you to vacate the garage.

If you are a Council housing tenant and are also in arrears with your housing rent, you will be expected to clear your housing rent arrears first.

Any items left in a garage after a notice to quit takes effect will be disposed of, and you will be asked to pay any storage or disposal costs.