Advice on condensation in the home

Common areas for condensation

Warmer, moist air is naturally drawn to the coldest part of a room.

Your windows may not be the coldest spot in the room, especially if they are double glazed. Condensation can appear on walls, floors and ceilings even if your windows are not steamed up.

Condensation is usually found:

  • In cold corners of rooms
  • In wardrobes and cupboards
  • Behind furniture against an outside wall
  • On cold surfaces such as mirrors, single-glazed windows and metal-framed windows
  • In kitchens and bathrooms (where moist air is more common)
  • On walls of unheated rooms

Keeping your home heated to a low level will help reduce condensation, by minimising the cold surfaces in your home. Home insulation can also help with this, as well as reducing your fuel bills.