Learn Digital Skills

Get help with your digital skills

Do you own a computer, smartphone or tablet? Do you want to learn more? If you need help and support with your digital skills, feel free to contact your local library where staff will be able to assist you with any digital support needs including but not limited to:

  • Renew or reserve a book
  • Borrow an online book, magazine or newspaper
  • Develop your digital skills such as online banking
  • Learn from home
  • Apply for online services
  • Get yourself an email address
  • Search online job searching
  • And much more

Contact us for Digital Support

Did you know at your local library we offer Learn My Way computer sessions? These are free courses for you to learn digital skills to stay safe and connected online. They can help you gain confidence from being a complete beginner, to being more advanced. You would learn how to explore the internet, how to keep safe online, create documents, socialise online, online banking and so much more.

Learn My Way

Please see below the contact details, days and times for each Library and Neighbourhood Hub’s sessions.

Library Session times Contact details
Aston Wednesday from 10am to 11am aston.library@rotherham.gov.uk or 01709 254134
Brinsworth Monday from 3pm to 4pm brinsworthcommunitylibrary@hotmail.com or 01709 255050
Dinnington Wednesday from 2pm to 3pm dinnington.library@rotherham.gov.uk or 01709 334426
Greasbrough Friday from 11am to midday greasbrough.library@rotherham.gov.uk or 01709 551477
Kimberworth Tuesday from 10am to 11am kimberworth.library@rotherham.gov.uk or 01709 558581
Kiveton Park Monday from 2pm to 3pm kivetonpark.library@rotherham.gov.uk or 01909 771823
Riverside House Tuesday from 2pm to 4pm central-library-services@rotherham.gov.uk or 01709 823606
Maltby Tuesday from 11am to midday maltby.library@rotherham.gov.uk or 01709 334772
Mowbray Gardens Thursday from 10am to 12am mowbraygardens.library@rotherham.gov.uk or 01709 370038
Rawmarsh Thursday from 10:30am to 11.30am rawmarsh.library@rotherham.gov.uk or 01709 255682
Swinton Tuesday from 10:30am to midday swinton.library@rotherham.gov.uk or 01709 254615
Thorpe Hesley Monday from 2pm to 3pm thorpehesley.library@rotherham.gov.uk or 01142 457027
Thurcroft Tuesday from 11am to midday thurcroft.library@rotherham.gov.uk or 01709 546150
Wath Friday from 2pm to 3pm wath.library@rotherham.gov.uk or 01709 873542
Wickersley Monday from 10am to midday wickersley.library@rotherham.gov.uk or 01709 544134

You can go into any Library and Neighbourhood Hub for more information. Someone from your chosen Library and Neighbourhood Hub will contact you to discuss more about what your needs may be. If you are in doubt, please ask, we are always here to help.