Towns and Villages Fund: Swinton Rockingham Ward

Site selected

Swinton Site showing Broadway Shopping Parade

Broadway Shopping Parade, The Crescent (Off Valley Road) Swinton

This scheme sought to address accessibility issues at the Broadway Shopping Parade in Swinton and to improve the overall appearance of the area.

Identified site issues

The shops, with flats above, are set around a crescent roadway. The buildings are set at differing floor levels and at a lower ground level to the highway. This results in various sets of steps and ramps, which made routes through the site difficult, particularly for disabled shoppers or people with pushchairs. The existing walls and surfacing around the site were unattractive and the landscaped areas lacked in visual interest.

Swinton Site Issues showing old stairs
Swinton Site Issues showing broken wall
Swinton site issues showing uneven path

Details of proposal

The proposed scheme sought to improve routes through the site. The scheme also looked to remove some of the visual clutter created by the existing retaining walls and to provide additional landscaping at the shopping centre to improve its appearance.

Swinton design plan

The above concept design was developed, and a period of consultation took place with local residents and stakeholders. Feedback was incorporated into the final design and the scheme was completed late February 2023.

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This scheme has now been successfully completed.

This has included the provision of improved and widened footways, the omission and selective replacement of walls to open up the site, new ramps and steps and soft landscaping works.

Ward councillors have also used funding from the Swinton Rockingham Ward budget to purchase a new CCTV system for the area.

Swinton Site Results 1
Swinton Site Results 2
Swinton Site Results 3

For more information on the scheme please contact the Swinton Rockingham Neighbourhood Coordinators:

Neighbourhood Coordinator - Lucy Reader


Telephone: 01709 334604

Senior Neighbourhood Coordinator - Nicola Hacking


Telephone: 01709 254 376