Towns and Villages fund: Maltby East

Towns and Villages Fund: Maltby east

Site selected

Maltby High Street, from the Blyth Road / Rotherham Road junction to the crossroads with Grange Lane / Tickhill Road / Muglet Lane.

It is proposed that this scheme will make public realm improvements to the area along the length of Maltby High Street.

Maltby shop front and pavement


Current site issues

The quality of public realm is generally dated, and the surfacing has degraded over time. There are a lack of active shop fronts, which combined with poor streetscape makes the area less attractive to users. 

The lack of clear gateway and wayfinding measures creates a lack of accessibility to the high street and surrounding areas. 

There is a lack of anchor spaces to allow people to meet and stay in the high street.

Elements of crime and anti-social behaviour in the area. 

Initial proposals

The Council has developed a ‘High Street Proposal’ for Maltby, which covers the current issues and priorities for improvement. This was approved by the Council’s Cabinet in August 2023, and allocated £823,000 to develop and deliver a scheme on the high street.

Scheme progress and next steps

Community consultation on what the priorities of a scheme in Maltby should be will be delivered through Autumn 2023. Face to face events will be carried out in the ward and advertised when planned. Consultation through social media channels will also take place. We are keen to hear from local residents, businesses and landowners. 

Should you have any feedback, comments or suggestions on the proposal please forward these by email to or contact your Neighbourhoods Team (details below).

All feedback received during the consultation will be collated, considered and incorporated into a concept design, which will go through a further round of consultation.
It is hoped that this concept design will be ready to share in Spring 2024. 

For further information on this scheme please contact the Local Neighbourhoods Team:

Neighbourhood Co-ordinator

Claire Moseley

Senior Neighbourhood Co-ordinator

Andrea Peers