Global urban design company chosen for new Town Centre Masterplan

Published Friday, 18th November 2016
Town centre
Global Urban Design Company Chosen for new Town Centre Masterplan

A global urban design company has been picked to develop a masterplan for Rotherham town centre.

WYG Group was selected from 14 companies to work with Rotherham Council on its masterplan, which will build on the work of the Town Centre Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) developed earlier this year.

The council made its choice after it was agreed at the joint Cabinet and Commissioners' Decision Making Meeting in July to commission external consultants.

WYG Group has offices nationwide and is a global, design, project management and technical consultancy.

Project Director Andrew Clarke, who originates from Rotherham, so knows the town well, said: “We’re looking forward to working on an exciting and ambitious plan for the town and building on the good work undertaken to date. I want this commission to be part of the next stage in the town centre’s regeneration and to help focus attention on the actions needed to make a real difference on the ground.

“The masterplan will take forward the improvements and changes envisaged in the Supplementary Planning Document and draw together other town centre initiatives. We will bring proposals to life and will test what is possible. We will ensure proposals are realistic and deliverable, striking the right balance of ambition and pragmatism. Our work will help market town centre development opportunities to potential investors. This is very much an investment plan geared towards unlocking positive change in Rotherham Town Centre."

The masterplan will provide further details on how the town centre will be developed over coming years, including the development of sites to provide an improved leisure offer and increase the number of town centre residents, as well as improving linkages for people to move around the town centre.

Cabinet Member for Jobs and the Local Economy Cllr Denise Lelliott said the council was working to a timetable geared towards producing a draft masterplan by April 2017.

She added: “We are delighted to have WYG Group working on this key piece of work and to welcome Andrew and his team to Rotherham. Meanwhile, work will continue to develop proposals for key sites in the town, including Forge Island, alongside the masterplan. This will allow us to begin construction work as soon as is practically possible, whilst ensuring the developments sit comfortably within the bigger picture being created for Rotherham town centre.”