Regimental Museum re-opens to the public

Published Thursday, 29th May 2014
Clifton Park Museum
Clifton Park Museum

Rotherham’s beloved York and Lancaster Regimental Museum has re-opened to the public in an exciting new home.

After closing to the public in December 2011, the famous regimental museum, which showcases the proud history of the York and Lancaster Regiment, reopened to the public in its new home of Clifton Park Museum on Tuesday 27 May.

Manager for Heritage Services at the Council, Lisa Broadest, said: "Rotherham is incredibly proud to host the York and Lancaster Regimental Museum, and I know an awful lot of people have been waiting excitedly to see what has been created in Clifton Park Museum to honour the regiment.

"The staff at Clifton Park Museum have been working tirelessly to ensure that the gallery fully represents the pride of the regiment and does them justice. It’s now a 21st century celebration of a truly magnificent regiment, whose history is as fascinating as it is admirable.

"I've no doubt that the work which has gone into this new gallery will help to remind, and inspire, future generations about what life was like for those past generation who served in the armed forces."

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