Kids call time on foul play

Published Friday, 13th June 2014
Children and councillors with dog fouling signs
Some of the children with the councillors and Donna

Kids from a Rotherham primary school have joined forces with local councillors to help call time on foul play in their area.

Before the recent elections, pupils from Thorpe Hesley Primary School joined forces with Keppel Ward councillors, Barry Kaye, Maggi Clark and former councillor Ian Barron to create a series of signs asking dog owners to clean up any mess their pets made.

The signs, which were designed by the pupils to be bright, noticeable and get the message across to dog owner in the easiest way possible, have been put in position at Lodge Lane, Chapelfield Road and Barnsley Road and it is hoped that they will help to significantly reduce the amount of dog fouling on the sites.

The two councillors and now former councillor chipped in to have the signs created and erected from their leadership funds.

Green Spaces Officer, Donna Furniss-Morton, said: "We approached the school about helping the issue of dog fouling in the area after Cllr Clark received a complaint, and the kids jumped at the chance.

"The three councillors were on board from the start and were eager to chip in and help in any way they could.

"It's great to see the borough's future generation getting involved, taking ownership and working together to help make Rotherham a better place to live.

"Fingers crossed, the signs will tug at the heartstrings of dog owners and encourage those who don’t already do so to clean up behind their pets."

Pictured are pupils from Thorpe Hesley Primary School joined by Green Spaces Officer Donna Furniss-Morton, Cllr Maggi Clark and former ward councillor Ian Barron by one of the signs.