Masbrough Chapel site owner told to clean up

Published Tuesday, 29th July 2014
Site of former Masbrough Chapel
Site of the former Masbrough Chapel

The owners of the site of the former Masbrough Chapel have been formally served with a legal notice to “clean up” the land.

The owner of the former town centre church site, Haroon Rashid, has been served with a legal notice under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 requiring him to ensure the site, which was destroyed by fire in 2012, is clean, attractive and safe.

Under Section 215 of the Town and Country Act 1990, Mr. Rashid has been asked to remove all demolition spoil and waste including bricks, concrete, reinforced concrete, timber and any fly-tipped materials and ensure all undergrowth, bushes, shrubs and weeds are cleared and properly disposed of.

He has also been asked to fill any underground voids, level the entire site and re-instate the stone boundary wall in any areas it’s missing. Mr. Rashid has been given until September 15 to fully complete the works.

Strategic Director for Environment and Development Services, Karl Battersby, said: "We've worked extensively over the years to do the best by Masbrough Chapel in difficult circumstances. Not owning the site has hampered our efforts to help this historical site on numerous occasions.

"Initially we experienced difficulty in tracing the owner of the site. However we have now been successful in holding round the table discussions.

"The notice will back up the Council’s position that the current condition of the site is unacceptable and send a strong message that we want our town to look the best it can.

"Not only has the site attracted fly tipping and collected litter, but it’s also potentially dangerous to anyone who goes on the site.

"Whilst it’s too late to save the chapel itself, this is an important step for us in ensuring that an important town centre site is made clean, attractive and safe."