Rotherham A level results

Published Thursday, 14th August 2014
Girl reading in class
Girl reading in class

Students across Rotherham are celebrating their A level examination results today.

Overall results have shown a 0.1 percent decrease in pass rates. However, Rotherham’s overall pass rate is 98.6 percent, meaning it remains slightly higher than the national average.

There were some significant performances among individual schools including Aston Comprehensive, whose equivalent pass rate is 99.7 percent, an increase by 1.3 percent from last year. Dinnington Comprehensive’s equivalent pass rate is 99.2 percent, an increase by 1.3 percent from last year, Swinton Comprehensive, who increased by 0.4 percent to 99.4 percent and Wales High has increased by 0.5 percent to 99.4 percent.

Among those general figures there were also a number of individual success stories at schools around the borough, including Andrew Kent and Ismail Movahedi from Wickersley Comprehensive who received three A*s and three A*s, two As respectively. Luke Cotter from Wales Comprehensive scored three A*s, one A and Zoe Tongue of Aston Comprehensive was awarded two A*s, two As and one B.

Georgia Barker of Wath Comprehensive was also a standout of note with three A*s and one A.

Deputy Leader of Rotherham Council, Councillor Paul Lakin, said, "Once again Rotherham’s young people have showed that they excel when it comes to exam results.

“There are some exceptional results this year and remarkable achievements by our schools and their pupils across the board. I’ve no doubt that there will be celebrations across Rotherham in the next few days.

"The fact that there was such a minor drop in the overall percentage, considering the fact that changes to the curriculum were brought in whilst the students were taking their courses, is a credit to teachers and teaching staff.

“Clearly our schools are focused on continual improvement and these results are the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, outstanding teaching and students who are keen to succeed.

“Equally, A level results day can be difficult for those students who haven’t had the results that they hoped for.

“For those few, the good news is, our schools and colleges are well equipped to help them achieve their goals. I would urge people not to panic and talk to their teachers about how they can move their education forward as soon as possible.

“Again, my congratulations to all of our young people and their families. This is a day to be proud of these significant achievements.”

Strategic Director for Children and Young People, Joyce Thacker, added, "I’d like to say congratulations to all Rotherham students who have worked so hard to achieve these wonderful results.

“People in Rotherham should be very proud of our young people today. These results prove that our schools are dedicated to year-on-year improvement, which in turn gives our young people a great base to build their futures on.

“These are great results and a great day for Rotherham. Well done everyone.”

Swinton students in particular were celebrating another pleasing set of A level results.

As usual, at Swinton the pass rate - at 99.4 percent - was well above national average. There were some notable individual successes including Sam Hardeman, who received Maths A*, Further Maths A*, History A*, Accountancy A and Biology A and Sarah O’Hanlon with English Lit A, History A and Spanish A.

Headteacher, David Pridding, said, “It is really encouraging to see so many students get their just rewards for all their hard work throughout their time in the school.

“I would like to congratulate the students and also acknowledge the hard work of the staff who prepared them and the support offered by their families throughout their school careers.”