CAMINO conference drives efficiency into Rotherham

Published Monday, 20th October 2014
The roof garden on Moorgate Crofts
The roof garden on Moorgate Crofts

For two days in October, the Council hosted visitors from across the world as part of a European Union conference on Climate Change Innovation.

The Council, supported by the University of Sheffield, has been working with partners from the City of Bergen (Norway), City of Dordrecht (Netherlands), the Belgian and Dutch equivalents of the Environment Agency and Bradford City Council on the CAMINO (Climate Adaptation Mainstreaming Using Innovative Methods) project to discuss how best adapt to climate change and its effects.

The organisations came together for a conference, which took place from October 8 – 10, that included visits to properties that have been fitted with climate adaptation features, such as the Council’s Riverside House offices and climate friendly business starter properties at Moorgate Crofts, Rotherham and Magna at Templeborough and Rotherham United’s New York Stadium.

The conference, the cost of which was met from EU sources, was arranged due to the fact that Rotherham is becoming an acknowledged leader in helping to develop the UK’s response to climate change issues.

All of the delegates at the conference are currently investigating ways in which they can adapt better to the effects of climate change and how they can make the most of natural assets such as rivers, canals and waterways without damaging the environment.

They also looked at how they might introduce more effective ways of preventing flooding and how they might pursue better ways of heating and lighting buildings through the use of more sustainable energy sources such as bio-mass materials, hydro-power from rivers and weirs, or geo-thermal heating from below-ground sources.

The project could lead to additional European Union funding for the Council from 2015/16 onwards for use in the climate change programme.

Director of Planning, Regeneration and Culture, Paul Woodcock, said: "Rotherham Council was delighted to welcome delegates and friends from across Europe to further develop our joint work on adapting to climate change and protecting the environment.

"By participating in the CAMINO project, the Council is preparing for the next generation of climate change adaptation, which looks forward to exciting new ways of protecting us from the worst effects of climate change, such as floods or droughts, whilst also looking ahead to ways in which we can work with the environment to develop renewable energy sources and more environmentally friendly ways of designing buildings.

"The Council has long recognised the importance of adapting to climate change as is evident in our Business Centres at Manvers, Moorgate, Templeborough and Dinnington, which all possess climate friendly facilities such as natural heating, lighting and ventilation, and take advantage of the use of Green Roofs, bio-mass and geo-thermal energy sources.

"It's great to be seen as a market leader in climate change facility and the conference was the perfect way for everyone to help share ideas about savings, efficiencies and ensuring we uphold our social responsibility in terms of doing our bit for the planet."