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Published Thursday, 23rd October 2014
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Start-up businesses in Rotherham can get a head start thanks to the Rotherham Investment and Development Office - RiDO.

"Rotherham is a real success story when it comes to business investment and support," said Tim O’Connell, Head of Business and Retail Investment at RiDO – the highly successful business support, inward investment and regeneration arm of Rotherham Council.

"RiDO is consistently open to new ideas and people who are looking to fulfil their business dreams.

"We've helped support numerous start-ups, from retail units to manufacturers and provided the support network to help them thrive.

"The national 'Ready for Business' programme, supported by the National Enterprise Network (NEN) has been operated by RiDO in Rotherham since September 2013, providing general business start-up training and support.

"We're serious about business and by using the NEN network, we have the support in place that can see businesses succeed.

"The NEN network has been incredibly useful for us in a number of ways. It helps both potential and new business owners to get advice from people who have been there, as well as learning how to avoid pitfalls and those useful tips and tricks that only those who have been through the experience know."

Rotherham, has already seen 17 new businesses and 28 jobs created through the 'Ready for Business' project this year.

The programme is a combination of an 'Introduction to Self-employment Workshop', a shorter 'Masterclasses' programme, which focuses on book-keeping, basic accounting and tax, and 'one-to-one' support, where individuals work with an experienced business advisor, with the aim of getting viable business ideas to the point of start-up.

Follow-up support is then provided in the first few months of businesses and as they mature.

The Ready for Business programme, which has just released its national statistics for 2013-14, has been a huge success story, with 128,282 clients across England accessing independent enterprise support, advice and training services from the NEN membership, 80,618 of which were looking to start a business.

The programme supported 47,664 established small businesses during this period, creating nearly 30,000 jobs across the country.

Rachel Hatfield of Hatfield Clark Recruitment Ltd. added: "We knew that Rotherham was part of the 'Ready for Business' project, the NEN backed scheme to support start-ups and we could see that there was a gap in the market for our offering - so set about seeking out the support we needed to make our dream a commercial reality.

"Initial advice and information from Martyn Benson and the Ready for Business project plus follow-up support from Bob Langley was an important part of that process."

There is more information about the NEN on the national website. For local information see the RiDO website.

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