Rotherham Leader calls on MP to help signpost support services for CSE victims

Published Thursday, 29th January 2015
Paul Lakin
Cllr Paul Lakin

The Leader of Rotherham Borough Council today called on anyone who is in contact with victims of child sexual exploitation in the town to encourage them to use the services set up to support them.

Cllr Paul Lakin's comments follow news reports suggesting that there are many more victims than initially thought.

Cllr Lakin said: "We are dealing with every single case that we know about. We have set up a helpline for victims which is staffed every hour of every day.

"If anyone has any contact with CSE victims, then they need to point them in the direction of where they can get help and support. We are here to help – and we will.

"Two things matter here. First, that victims, past and present, are supported. Second, that the perpetrators are brought to justice. The Council will do all we can to achieve both, working with the police and other agencies."

Cllr Lakin today wrote to Rotherham MP, Sarah Champion to ask for her help in encouraging victims to come forward to access support services.

"I know that Sarah Champion is committed to helping victims and survivors of child sexual exploitation, as are we. I have asked her to encourage victims, past and present, to come forward and seek help. There are people on standby ready to help. These are highly trained professionals.

"It’s vital that all organisations work together to provide support for victims and survivors, and the Council has brought in a new member of staff to help to coordinate this across agencies in Rotherham.

"We urge anyone affected by child sexual exploitation in Rotherham, however long ago, and who needs help and support, to contact the helpline we have set up on 0800 7319 256. The helpline provides a single point of contact for victims and survivors to access a range of services – and will signpost them on to what each individual needs."