Re-subscribe to the garden waste service

It's time to renew your garden waste collection
It's time to renew your garden waste collection

Residents across the borough can save on their re-subscription to the garden waste collection service if they renew before 20 December 2019.

Those who re-subscribe for Rotherham Council’s garden waste collection by 20 December 2019 will pay a discounted rate of £37 for collections throughout the year.

Residents who sign up to the collection after this date will pay the full fee of £40.

For the first time, the Council is also now able to accept payment by annual Direct Debit, so you won’t need to worry about renewing you subscription in future years. Sign up to an annual Direct Debit before 20 December and your payment will be taken on 1 February 2020.

Tom Smith, Assistant Director of Community Safety and Street Scene at Rotherham Council, said: “The garden waste collection has been hugely popular since we introduced it last year, with over 40,000 residents signing up to receive a brown bin. There are a number of ways residents can renew their subscription or sign up if they want to start receiving the collection by going online or signing up to the new direct debit.”

If you subscribed last year and have decided not to continue your subscription, the Council will not be able to empty your garden waste bin after the end of January and will collect the brown bin from your property after this date.

The paid for garden waste collection service was introduced last year by the Council as part of the changes to household waste services, which included the introduction of plastic recycling at the kerbside.

For further information or to re-subscribe to the garden waste collection, visit our website.

Published: 27th November 2019