Neighbourhood news - Dinnington Community Clean Up

A community skip, funded by Dinnington Ward Councillors was combined with a Rotherham Council Ward Improvement Day focused on Doe Quarry Terrace to help residents tidy up their neighbourhood.

Thanks goes to the residents of Doe Quarry Terrace and surrounding areas for getting involved with a ward improvement day on 15 September 2021.

Ward Councillors had identified that the area would benefit from a community skip following a walk about of the area with a local resident.

Rotherham Council’s Neighbourhoods Team worked alongside Town Councillors, Love Where You Live Volunteers, Council Enforcement Teams, Housing Officers and the brilliant crew from Community Safety & Street Scene to fill at 40 cubic meter skip with household and garden waste.

Doe Quarry Terrace was the focus of the clean up day which started with the delivery of the walk-in skip at 9:30am.  Rotherham Council Staff got to work with strimmer’s to cut back grass and weeds as well as overgrown shrubs from Doe Quarry Terrace whilst volunteers and Town Councillors tackled the small park between Scarsdale Street and Doe Quarry Lane.

Enforcement officers, who had previously delivered warning notices to properties where accumulation of rubbish was of visible concern, visited properties to advise residents to clear their gardens.  The skip gradually started to fill up and it was great to see neighbours helping one another to shift debris from homes and gardens. 

The operator of the truck mounted crane showed phenomenal skill picking up items ranging from reclining sofas to a single discarded piece of cutlery from the street as well as arranging contents of the skip as it filled to make sure not a meter of space was wasted.

Moving unwanted furniture several hundred yards is no mean feat and whilst the Rotherham Council truck drivers did their best to assist, credit must go to residents who got bulky items out of their yards and dragged and carried tonnes of bags and wheeled bins full of rubbish to the trucks and skip.

Rotherham Council has capacity for 3three targeted ward improvement days per ward per year, generally undertaken between September and March whilst community skips are arranged either by Ward Councillors or local Town and Parish Councils.  Ward Councillors and Town Councillors have agreed that future provision of community skips in different locations around the centre of Dinnington will receive funding from both budgets.

Residents are reminded that it is their responsibility to keep their properties tidy and those who did not take advantage of the community skip and have not arranged for collection of waste from their gardens can expect to receive fines. 

If you have large items that you are unable to take to the tip, collection can be arranged through the Rotherham Council website Book a bulky waste collection – Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council or by calling 01709 336003.  You can also order new wheeled bins on the website or request bins are removed.

Published: 15th September 2021