Over 50s in Rotherham are helping to change children’s lives by choosing fostering over retirement

Over-55s across Rotherham are being urged to consider fostering children.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council has launched a new campaign calling on more grandparents to consider fostering and join a community of older carers who are improving the lives of children.

There is no upper age limit to becoming a foster carer. Research from March 2020 suggests that more than half of all foster carers in England are over 50. Whether you’ve always wanted to foster or have only just started to think about it, it’s not too late to change the life of a child in Rotherham. 

Many over 55s in the Rotherham community have recently taken up fostering as a second career after retirement and haven’t looked back since. It’s incredibly rewarding as Joyce, a current foster carer explains; "I wish more young grandparents would take it on … The fun does you good! And the nice thing about it is that you can do it as long as you feel you can do it happily and properly."

With lots more free time and children that have flown the nest, it’s natural to wonder about worthwhile ways to spend the next stage of life. Fostering is an excellent way to give something back to your community, as well as offering a spare room in your home and care to children who need it. 

Anthony and his wife began fostering after his retirement. Anthony recalls that at the start of their fostering journey, 

"People told us that at our age we should be sitting down and relaxing, not looking after teenage children, but we disagreed!”

Studies show that staying active and maintaining social connections are key to good physical and mental well-being. Caring for a foster child within Rotherham’s welcoming community means that over-55s can find new friendships with like-minded people whilst pursuing an active lifestyle that’s full of purpose.

There are so many children in Rotherham who, through no fault of their own, are without a stable, caring home. This is where you could come in. Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council is dedicated to finding fantastic new foster carers to care for local young people.

Suzanne Joyner, Strategic Director of Children’s Services at Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, adds “We really value mature carers with significant life experience who could help a child or young person through a difficult time. It’s amazing to see the benefits of a stable, loving home for a young person who’s had a difficult start in life.”

Interested readers can book an information call on the Fostering Rotherham website, or read more information about fostering here: www.fosteringrotherham.com/join-us. Alternatively, they are welcome to call 01709 285466 to speak to one of our advisors

Published: 8th November 2021