Council thanks garden waste customers with £4 discount

Brown bin

More than 44,000 households who subscribed to Rotherham Council’s garden waste collections will receive a £4 discount for the coming year.

The discount is in recognition of the disruption brown bin subscribers experienced in the summer of 2021 when Rotherham Council, like employers across the UK, faced significant COVID-related staff absences and a shortage of HGV drivers.

The Council was forced to suspend garden waste collections between 26 July and 22 August 2021, and customers missed two brown bin collections as a result.  

Ahead of opening subscriptions for the coming year, the Council has confirmed that those who subscribed in 2021/22 and who renew their subscription for 2022/23 will be entitled to a £4 discount; any customers who don’t wish to continue the service will be able to claim a £4 partial refund.

Rotherham Council’s Assistant Director of Community Safety and Street Scene, Tom Smith, said: “It was disappointing to have to pause the garden waste service, but necessary to ensure that general waste collections and other essential work could continue. We are pleased to be able to give this £4 discount as a thank you to our customers for the patience they showed during this disruption.”

With the £4 discount, renewals for the coming year’s service, which will begin from Monday 28 February 2022, will cost £37 for a single brown bin, or £69 for two bins. The discount will be applied automatically for those customers who renew online by card, or who pay by annual direct debit.

Customers who wish to apply for a refund will be able to do this from March 2022, once the current year’s service is complete and the Council can collect their brown bin.

Renewals and sign-ups for the coming year’s service are due to open in December. Further details about the service, including pricing and how to start or renew a subscription, can be found at




Published: 30th November 2021