New consultation to shape future of Council’s equality strategy

Rotherham Council has launched a new consultation about its approach to ensuring all parts of the community can access, engage with and benefit from services, as part of its new equalities strategy.

Rotherham Council has developed three proposed priorities, each with a set of clear actions.  They are:

  1. Understanding, listening, and engaging across all communities
  2. Delivering fair, inclusive, and accessible services
  3. Empowering people to engage and challenge discrimination and to promote good community relations

Under the consultation, which runs until February 7, members of the public can complete an online survey and share their views on the priorities and actions. In addition to the online survey, members of the public will also be able to have their say at events in libraries and community centres across the borough.

There will also be a series of focus sessions with key voluntary and community organisations and groups across the borough to analyse the priorities.

Responses will also be used to inform the new Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategy 2022-2025.  The new strategy will be published in April and a report on the engagement and analysis of responses will also be available to view at this time.

The consultation will also provide an opportunity for the Council to find out how people and communities wish to be involved in influencing future strategy, plans, and service design.  This will help the Council to work with partners to enhance current engagement mechanisms and practice.

Jo Brown, Assistant Chief Executive of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, said: “It is absolutely crucial that all of the council’s work is fair and inclusive and that we are working for every member of our community.

“This consultation will help to shape the future of how we consider and deliver council services, ensuring that everything we do represents the views and needs of all corners of our society, that no-one is left behind or unfairly discriminated against.

“I would encourage everyone to get involved and help us make sure we are focussed on the right priorities for our equality, diversity and inclusion strategy.”

You can take part in the online survey here - Consultation: Have your say on equality priorities and actions – Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Published: 11th January 2022