£1.65 million investment to help extend fostering service in Rotherham

Published Monday, 8th June 2015
Young person with guitar
Young person with guitar

Rotherham Council has approved a £1.65 million investment for the homes of foster carers and adopters.

The funding, which runs for three years, will allow children and young people to stay with families who are best placed to provide a permanent home whilst meeting the needs of the whole family. A similar scheme has seen £1.12 million spent on 19 house extensions since 2012.

The investment in carers’ homes means the high cost of independent fostering agency placements is avoided and a more stable and suitable environment is provided for those most in need. It is projected the £1.65 million investment will avoid over £2.3 million being spent on independent fostering placements.

Priority will be given to siblings wishing to stay together rather than being placed in separate homes. Existing foster carers and adopters who have been identified as suitable carers for children for whom the Council finds it difficult to find families, for example disabled children and adolescents, but who don’t have the adequate bedroom space to foster or adopt such children, will also have the opportunity to extend their home or part fund home purchases to increase the number of available adoption and foster places.

Councillor Gordon Watson, Lead Member for Children’s and Young People’s Services at Rotherham Council said: "Carers who are able and willing to give a loving and stable home should be given as much support as possible to make this happen. This money will not only keep existing fostered and adopted siblings together but will see more places being offered for some of our most vulnerable children and young people."

“The previous scheme has proven to be financially viable for the Council and ultimately has a positive and long term impact on many people’s lives. Funding home adaptations secures a permanent place for children that’s in line with their best interests and contributes to improving our fostering and adoption service."

There is set criteria for those wishing to apply for funding and more information can be found on the Council’s website.

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